Ivan Prytula

Ukrainian painter

Ivan Prytula is a former boxer, a winner of international tournaments. In 2016, due to an injury, he left the professional sport and accomplished his childhood dream – he started painting. Over the last years, Ivan hosted his solo art exhibitions in Lviv and Kyiv. He also presented his paintings in exhibitions in Ukraine, and abroad, in Italy and Bulgaria.

Ukrainian folk art paintings for sale

Ivan Prytula started painting with his favorite red color, which he liked very much since childhood. And now this hot and expressive color dominates in many of his paintings, showing the special style of the artist and his boxing character as well. Discover on this website his best paintings and Ukrainian folk art masterpieces, that you can buy online. 

Ivan Prytula's paintings

In Ivan Prytula’s collection, you can find female portraits, Ukraine landscape, Ukrainian folk art, scenery & romantic paintings, and more… Just take your time and explore.

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When the art is inside your heart, it will burst outisde...

“Before every art exhibition, I’m so excited, as before an important boxing fight”, says Ivan. “I used to draw when I was a child, but somehow I didn’t take it seriously. Then I had been boxing for about 12 years and I was dreaming to become a professional boxer. And I achieved this goal. But injuries started bothering me. I had a broken arm, spent three months with a plaster. Then I had also an open fracture of the jaw. I underwent operations and a long recovery process. And at this moment I thought about my childhood passion and started painting, painting a lot”, told his personal story the Ukrainian painter.
“For me, the painting is as a wave of mood. The mood comes and I get a strong desire to paint, I just can’t stop myself. Then I put the canvas, and no matter what, I take my favorite red color and it all goes naturally by itself”, – says Ivan.

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